What Is Story Farm Live? (Coming Soon)


Class, Seminars, Membership

-Two Live Online class seminars per month – times TBD

-Monthly membership will give you access to reviews of your work, and written material, audio, and more, outside of class.


Get You Need

-Professional development of your feature, TV pilot, short, or web series in a live online class environment, but ALSO...

-Review of your logline, synopsis, concept, pitch, and of course questions answered via the live online class seminar.


Added Cool Stuff

-Lots of added bonuses yet to come. Stay tuned for more information. The live online class and monthly membership is set to launch in March 2019.

Meet Your Instructors

Max Timm


 The Director of Education with the International Screenwriters’ Association, President of The Story Farm, and Producer with Creative Screenwriter Prods, Max has 15 years of experience in developing material and writers’ careers. Having attended Holy Cross College at Notre Dame and then transferring to Columbia College Chicago to study screenwriting and producing, Max is a Midwesterner and Chicagoan at heart who prides himself on supporting creative people in as many ways possible. Nineteen writers that have worked directly with Max one-on-one have, in less than two years, received options and representation. His Story Farm service develops working writers and their material much like a studio executive or manager would. While a published author and working writer/producer himself, his passion is supporting writers and actors on a daily basis, and creating the next generation of A-Listers.

Felicity Wren


Currently the Development Director for the Int'l Screenwriters' Assoc and a Producer for Creative Screenwriter Prods, Felicity is originally from London, having studied all areas of performance: writing, directing, acting technique, and script analysis for her Honors Degree, then finished her education with a Masters in Drama from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She formed her own production company, Unrestricted View, in 1999, focusing on theatre, new writing and comedy at their performance venue, The Hen & Chickens in London. Since moving to LA in 2011, she has continued acting, writing, and producing, winning four performance awards and producing nine film projects to date. She devotes her time to supporting creatives through the ISA Development Slate, and contest winners by submitting their projects to eminent producers, managers, and Hollywood agents.

The When, Where, and How Much



The live class seminars will take place in the evening, Los Angeles time, however they will be recorded so you can access them any time.


Wherever your creative heart sits! This will be an online membership subscription, so you can live anywhere and be anywhere.


How Much?

Monthly Story Farm Membership


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This subscription is not yet available for purchase. Stay tuned for updates in March 2019. A lot more features and membership bonuses will be listed soon.