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Multiple Options for Support


From "Anytime" call packages you can use for individual script evaluations and notes, to long-term support on a weekly basis for the professionally-minded writer.

A personal writing coach, mentor, consultant, advocate.

Long-Term Success


Education plus creative development equals ongoing success. Over half of Story Farm writers have gone on to receive script options, and land representation.

You can too, but you need to work at creating your own success.

coaching & Development Packages - you receive:

  • Pre-scheduled one-on-one notes calls every week with your coach
  • Calls are recorded and sent to you after the call
  • Written notes are also provided every week
  • Step-by-step development of your film or TV pilot

  • Assignment review - anything from a logline to full script submission (assignment examples also provided)
  • Idea brainstorming for all aspects of your project
  • Industry and business advice/support
  • Free online coursework

  • Weekly deadlines / a personal trainer for your writing
  • Four fully-developed screenplays in one year/12 months
  • A professional approach to developing your scripts and career, from idea to finished draft

Available Packages and Pricing


One Year of Weekly Support

$399/month or $4499 upfront


Six Months of Weekly Support

$449/month or $2399 upfront


Three Months of Weekly Support

$499/month or $1299 upfront

We also offer Anytime Call Packages where you choose a number of calls and receive the same support, but at your own pace. Click the Anytime Calls tab at the top of this page for more information.

Need Direction? You're In The Right Place

The Right Fit


We're looking for any writers who are dedicated to their long term careers, whether you've never written a screenplay before, or you're an industry veteran looking for ongoing support. We can and do work with writers who have only one screenplay they intend to finish and polish, but it is suggested that you prepare for longevity if you intend to find success in this business. We can help! We also work with novelists who want to adapt their book into script form, even if you've never written a screenplay before.

How It Works


Designed by 15-year industry veteran screenplay writing consultant, author, and the ISA's Director of Education and VP of Creative Screenwriter Prods, Max Timm. The Story Farm provides weekly calls, assignments, deadlines, notes and script evaluations that help you brainstorm, outline, and build your stories throughout the initial conception of the story idea, or during your rewrite process if you've already written the script (or book or any other source material). We offer the foundations of screenwriting education, plus extensive creative support to make the writing process easier and more manageable.

What You Get


Thorough notes every week no matter where you are in the development process (for the long-term package writers). Max will give you weekly assignments and hold you to weekly deadlines. Once you are finished with the script, you get a whole new set of notes on the finished product. You then start a new project, and the cycle of support and development continues. You also receive free online coursework and lectures that help keep you on track and provide educational content to allow that creativity to flow.

Additional Options


Check out the tabs at Tips & Education tab at the top of this page for free resources like blog posts (audio and video coming soon). Also, because of Max's affiliation and work with the Int'l Screenwriters' Assoc (ISA), you will have access to a network of available podcasts, writing gigs, educational content, industry professionals looking to read your material, inside-info on screenplay contests, and so much more. Check out

The Story Farm Goal


To get your material to a place that is ready for industry submission, and launch your career (regardless of your experience). You can work on as many projects as you wish during the duration of the service, but it is The Story Farm's intent to get a writer to finish four projects in one year or 12 months, including rewrites. We believe if you have at least ten hours per week to dedicate to your writing, we can help you develop multiple projects quickly and effectively.

Success Stories


Head to the Testimonials tab at the top of this page for first-hand reviews of Max and The Story Farm. The response we've received since launching The Story Farm in October of 2016 has been so wonderful and inspiring that our staff has been beaming with pride. Success stories continue to come in, from script options, to major contest wins, A-list attachments to material, and writers landing an agent or manager, the successes keep stacking up and we love it. We can't wait to help you create your own personal success.

Want To Know More?

Email Us! We can arrange a free phone call to help answer any and all questions and decide on which support option is right for you. The phone call is a no-obligation conversation with The Story Farm's founder, Max Timm. Let's get started!

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email Max Timm, the founder and creator of The Story Farm.

The Story Farm

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