Testimonials from Story Farmers

Kat Cooper, Virgina


Working with Max Timm has helped me to improve my writing greatly. I started off not knowing anything about screenwriting, but after taking his course through the ISA, I was able to learn step-by-step how to write my first script. I’ve always wanted to write for movies, but I just didn’t know how. Max made it stress-free and easy to understand. While being a writer with the Story Farm, I’ve developed four features and two shorts, each time improving my writing with Max’s help. It improved so much that I began receiving awards for my work. Here’s some of my accomplishments that I achieved with the Story Farm:

6th place - Breaking the Walls Screenplay Competition - July 2017

Quarter-Finalist - Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition - January 2018

Finalist - 13Horror.com Short Screenplay Contest - May 2018

Finalist - DC Shorts Screenplay Competition - September 2018

Melissa Birks, Chicago


Max is a writer's consultant. He goes beyond what's printed on the page, and into what's missing and what's possible. He guides you through everything from concept to character, from opening scene to the ending. And he's a genuinely nice guy who is a pleasure to work with.

ISA Fast Track Fellow/Grand Prize winner

Saskia Sutton, Great Britain


Max’s ‘intervention’ in my screenwriting has been a revelation. His comments, guidance, analysis and support have pushed my writing into another league. 

I write my screenplays now with Max’s voice in my head. Hearing him kindly pointing to the errors of my ways whilst holding up a mirror to how professional screenplays should look. 

He’s always diplomatic in his remarks so there was never any fear of feeling crushed leading up to a Skype session! Even his admonishments are kindly put ( he’d probably query my use of that word in a script). 

I booked Max for 6 months and I would say it was the most productive and challenging time for my screenwriting. I’m deeply indebted to him. I can’t recommend getting Max involved in your screenplay high enough. Every writer should have a Max.

-Long-time novelist, producer, writer

Elizabeth Mai, New Jersey


I don’t measure my success by the amount of contests I’ve won....yet. However I do feel finishing my first full feature is a success! It could not have happened without my amazing coach, Max. Boldly go into screenwriting with a coach or mentor.

Max Timm is effective, efficient and patient. If you’re new to the game, get off your butt and write! Then get someone to help. You’ll be more successful with the help of someone who is intelligent and well acquainted with the business.

-First-time screenwriter

Diane Lansing, Los Angeles


Working with Max Timm for the last four years has really helped me evolve and find my voice as a writer. It’s also been invaluable to have Max to check in weekly to complete deadlines and to continue producing new work. He has a great eye and mind to reach in and guide your storytelling in such a way that you never feel judged, but always, and in the best way, challenged. I call Max my writing Mentor and highly recommend his skills and services with Story Farm.

-Optioned screenwriter, director, producer

Jim Evry, Minnesota

I would highly recommend Max for consulting on your screenplay. I have used his services for 4 feature screenplays. Max is always prepared and is straight to the point regarding objective suggestions. Unlike feedback from screenplay contests, you get both written and personal "over the phone" advice.

-Long-time novelist, first-time screenwriter

Testimonials from Story Farmers

Jon Brecto, Washington


I've been working with Max for about 5 months, and the results are night and day difference from what I was achieving before. For the better part of 6 years, I'd been learning screenwriting on my own and had finished a few scripts, but was growing frustrated with the amount of time it was taking to complete them.. Honestly, I was pretty burnt-out. Enter Max. With a combination of the coursework he provided and the brainstorming sessions we engaged in over the phone, I was able to pinpoint the multiple weak points in my approach to screenwriting and I was shown how to correct them. Using Max's approach, I completed my first script in 3 months, whereas before it was taking me close to a year. I've just received word that I was selected as a quarter-finalist in the first contest that I entered the first script in. I have a long way to go, but my passion for writing has returned and I feel confident that my screenwriting future is bright thanks to Max's help.

Molly Gerth, Los Angeles

I used Max's methods and guidance (through live in-class instruction as well as personal, one-on-one coaching) to draft two original pilots, and have placed as a top ten finalist in a ScreenCraft competition - a big thanks to Max's support and guidance along the way.

Susan Turley, Los Angeles

Working with Max and The Story Farm has been a game changer for me as I've taken my writing to the next level. Max is a master of character and world building. He's a story surgeon with precise notes, articulating what's working and what's not with positive and actionable feedback. In the time working with Max (nearly two years!), my work has become more visible to the market, garnering a shopping agreement, an option, interest from producers and managers, and placing in notable writing contests. While all of that is amazing, the real reward for me has been gaining a greater understanding of my own voice through story. Max is a champion of my work, supportive of my voice, and a great coach to help push through the rough spots and turn out industry ready and meaningful work. Simply put, you want him on your team! I highly recommend Max and The Story Farm.

Helene Taylor, Vancouver

I reached a point with my screenwriting where I needed someone with the skills and experience in the industry to help take my writing to the next level. Max understood my weaknesses, found my talents, and taught me how to hone them in ways that have vastly improved my writing technique. His insight and prompts helped me trust the little moments between characters and the larger moments between scenes. The biggest win is how Max worked with me to find what makes my voice unique. Over the course of a year, I've exponentially grown as a writer and translating on the page. I highly recommend Max to anyone ready to go from student to professional writer.

Danny Smith, Los Angeles

Max and The Story Farm were game-changers for me. Max kept me on point every week to hit deadlines and push myself creatively. I went from writing decent scripts that no one read, to crafting fully fleshed out stories with a clear voice that have been read by multiple studios. The Story Farm is a wise investment for anyone looking to take their writing to the next level.

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